Dameion Rhythm Child Williams the Custom Cazal Designer

Dameion “Rhythm Child” Williams is recognized as being one of the biggest collectors of Cazals in the United States. He first became attracted to the brand as a young boy growing up in brooklyn. After collecting for about 5 years and owning almost all the peices that he desired, he then came up with an idea.

Finding inspiration from the Cazal 642…he studied the frame and noticed that deep within the frame, it was marely a Cazal 901 with accetate. Taking a closer look @ the Cazal 900 series he realized that many of the frames are great candidates to be customized into a Cazal 642 like frame.

Later he began to break apart frames,only using the parts that he needed and welding them together…..however Dameion still needed assistance with his project. In time he found other talented individuals with the tools and skills, that were able to help bring his vision to life. The first custom that he did was building a 642 out of other Cazal frames…. later other customs followed, such as the 642/2….642/3 & 642/6 . You can also be sure that he will continue to create many more customs

Dameion Rhythm Child Williams will also be one of the models featured in Cazals new add campagian and hopes to one day become a member on the team of designers, in the near future….





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