Dameion Rhythm Child Williams The OG of Flex OGs

The Dance style known as Flexing and or Flexin in becoming very popular and stands as the epicenter of a world wide movement. It is believed that the style didn’t came to be until sometime in 2000 & beyond…. However this isn’t true or at least not in the mind of Dameion Rhythm Child Williams….

The year was 1992 when he started dancing and his style of choice was Dance Hall. For years he kept up the tradition style of Roots Rock.

In the mid 90s he was introduce to the style of Bruck-UP and or Bruk- Up. After learning this style, he was recognized for being one of the 1st to do it and the best at it at that time. Winning many battles Dameion “AKA” Buss-Out and or Lord Buss- Out wanted more out of the style and dance itself. He began to fuse styles under one roof and that roof was dance hall. Buss-Out paid attention to dancers of different genres and tweeted their styles a bit to fit a dance hall beat.

At this time no one was doing this! Many individuals thought that he was crazy and all this would done in the 1990s and not 2000 or beyond. For many years he also shared / taught some of his concepts. He formed a short live company called Unlimited Dance Company. The reason he chose this name was to emphasize what generations after ,later named Flexin…. Derived from the public access show Flex in Brooklyn.

In 2000 Dameion stumbled upon Mr. Bruk-Up himself @ The Tunnel Night Club & it was there that the epic Battle took place… With Dameion Rhythm Child Williams walking away with the victory.


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