Dameion RhythmChild Williams Exclusive Interview



The History Of Dameion Rhythm Child Williams a.k.a Lord Buss-Out

Dameion Rhythm Child Williams A.K.A Lord Buss-Out is a native of Kingston Jamaica. At age 4 he began to show an interest in dance and moved to the United States with his mother.

In 1992 Dameion’s love for music, sound and movement was prominent. He battled repeatedly in parties and on the streets of Brooklyn. He later began to fuze the various genres of dance he studied together. This style is now known as “FLEXING”. Though he wasn’t the person to name it, he was the 1st to teach it and to introduce the concept.

He is also a former student of F.H La Guardia H.S and an original member of The Amount Boys and has worked with artist such as Diddy, Missy Elliot and etc.

Today Rhythm Child is currently working on his Dance Album titled “Many Styles/Deeper Feelings……A true story and break down of his life experiences.Please feel free to click on “Dance Album” at the top of the page or scroll down to view his art in motion.