Testimonials of the teachings of Dameion Rhythm Child Williams

To whom it may concern :

I confirm that I know Dameion Rhythm Child Williams as he is my son’s dance & martial arts instructor.

Dameion is a wonderful instructor. He is hard working, reliable, dependable and honest. My son has a developmental issue which makes it difficult for him to pay attention but Dameion’s teaching style and techniques keeps him engaged. Dameion also has a great deal of patience. His classes are a mix of children with varying degrees of ability. Some are strong and focused others lack focus and can be disruptive. Dameion simply reminds the child that he or she must try to maintain focus. He will even speak quietly words of encouragement to the child. He teaches the child to believe in him or herself. Before my son started taking classes with Dameion, his self esteem was very poor. He truly believed that he was incapable of doing anything. Now he believes in himself. He knows if he tries, he can accomplish anything.

I highly recommend others to take Rhythm Child’s classes to all who are interested in Dance/ Martial Arts.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Lynda Flood

My daughter has been taking Tae Kwon Do for two short years; however, the changes are obvious and evident. The discipline, structure, kindness/ patience given to my daughter and classmates have fostered the growth of many fundamentally important characteristics. Motivation, self-esteem, confidence and the courage to try new things are among the personality traits needed to excel in a competitive world; these are also among those being consistently developed with weekly attendance in Dameion Rhythm Child Williams classes.

I recommend this program to all who aim to assure success and progress of their children, both now and in the future.

T. Regis de Alicea-Mother

Dameion Rhythm Child Williams has served as a positive influence not only in the dance community, but also to whomever he meets. He has inspired many people along the way, including myself. Through his love for dance as well as his overall passion for whatever it is he may pursue, he has repeatedly shown me that with focus, drive, determination and hard work that anything can be obtained.

Throughout life you meet people and they can either be a lesson or a blessing. Dameion serves as one of those rare examples….where he has not only taught me many life lessons, however he continues to be a blessing in my life. You can’t have a testimony without a test. I’m very proud to say that I’ve always been inspired to put my best foot forward….so that I can be the best possible me, not only as a dancer but as a person all because of Rhythm Child

Scott Haugton
Dancer/ Student

Dameion Williams is a loving , caring , artistic , humble soul. In my first encounter with Dameion at the age of twelve, i judged him wrong based on his outer appearance. Assuming he was just an average guy from the hood . But because of my curiosity for Martial arts i began to take his class. As i grew stronger physically i aslo grew stronger mentally by understanding and receiving Dameion’s wisdom. What i understood from his teaching methods, is that he’s relates himself to the person then he brings the best out the person. Very patient , ambitious , with a true hustler spirit. If it wasn’t for Dameion , to be honest i don’t know where i would be . Probably some where in the streets , or selling drugs , maybe even worse DEAD!! But because of his mentorship , support , and guidance of me i became a man with a purpose for living. Little that he’s knows , he changed my life . Dameion Williams is my mentor , teacher , instructor , role model , and also my big brother.

Darrel Grant/ Student

Dameion Williams has been an inspired and inspiring teacher for our son, who has studied martial arts with him since the age of 6 and will soon test for his black belt. Dameion is exacting and sets high standards for his students, but is also patient, kind and gentle. Most of all, he makes the learning of this great tradition enormous fun!

Claudia / Parent

To Whom It May Concern

Dameion has been my fourteen year old son’s martial arts teachers for the past eight years. My son got his
first degree black belt at the age of eleven. Dameion is not only a excellent teacher, he is a wonderful individual
who is passionate about what he does. He does not raise his voice or pull his rank on his students when they get out of line, but instead he finds creative ways to let them know they are wrong without embarrassing them. Being a single mom I am very protective of my son and from his first day in Dameion’s class, to present, we have no regrets.

Jackie/ parent


The History Of Dameion Rhythm Child Williams a.k.a Lord Buss-Out

Dameion Rhythm Child Williams A.K.A Lord Buss-Out is a native of Kingston Jamaica. At age 4 he began to show an interest in dance and moved to the United States with his mother.

In 1992 Dameion’s love for music, sound and movement was prominent. He battled repeatedly in parties and on the streets of Brooklyn. He later began to fuze the various genres of dance he studied together. This style is now known as “FLEXING”. Though he wasn’t the person to name it, he was the 1st to teach it and to introduce the concept.

He is also a former student of F.H La Guardia H.S and an original member of The Amount Boys and has worked with artist such as Diddy, Missy Elliot and etc.

Today Rhythm Child is currently working on his Dance Album titled “Many Styles/Deeper Feelings……A true story and break down of his life experiences.Please feel free to click on “Dance Album” at the top of the page or scroll down to view his art in motion.